LI: How do animals. and the solutions to problems made by nature, inspire man made robots SC: I can identify and give examples how robots in the real world have been inspired by animals TASK 1: Watch the following video about a robot that has been inspired by fish (click the link). Then fill in […]

7 ART/Tech step up

Learning Intention Learn what requirements are To learn what an algorithm is To solve puzzle games and write the algorithm used Success Criteria I can work out requirements I can create an algorithm Introduction Jumping Flee Write down 3-5 things that this robot does. Why? What could this robot be used for? Engage What is […]


Learning Intention Understand how ultrasonic can detect distance Understand how a branching statement (if statement) works Success Criteria Read the distance value from an ultrasonic sensor Complete the if/else statement to make a LED turn off  and on Create a function to make a LED blink when ultrasonic detects a close object Warm Up How […]

Make your own shape

Python Code (Validating an algorithm – proving it is correct) https://trinket.io/python/b05d0c1a00 MAIN ACTIVITY In you tables create an algorithms to draw the following shapes. Shape Hexagon Triangle A staircase or zigzag Then go to the python script and validate (prove) the algorithm is correct. https://trinket.io/python/b05d0c1a00 REFLECTION What is a for loop? Explain how your algorithms […]

Dancing Robots

Learning Intention To program a robot to dance To modify programs and create functions Success Criteria I can create and call a function Review Functions Elaborate Re-exam the dancing robot sheet. Explore Copy the code below and upload to an Arduino create a function to stop and turn left or right. When the program is […]

Functional Requirements

LI: To understand what a Functional Requirement is, and how to identify and describe them SC: I can identify 3 Functional Requirements of a robot I imagine, and I can describe them INTRO What is a Functional Requirement?   If we are working on a project, we need to consider SCOPE, FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS and NON-FUNCTIONAL […]

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