Functional Requirements

LI: To understand what a Functional Requirement is, and how to identify and describe them

SC: I can identify 3 Functional Requirements of a robot I imagine, and I can describe them


What is a Functional Requirement?


If we are working on a project, we need to consider SCOPE, FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS and NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS. In this lesson, we are concentrating on Functional Requirements.

So in the example above:

SCOPE: The house we are building

FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT: A door that locks (keep people out), and a window that opens (let fresh air in).

NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: It has to follow a set of rules and regulations.

So the Functional requirements are what should it do when it is finished and working correctly.



In a WORD document on your computer, in pairs come up with 2 robot designs (one each). For each robot design list the following:

SCOPE: What type of robot are you designing?

FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: List three things it will do (example it will move forwards. It will move backwards. It will pick things up)

NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS: How will it do these things? (example it will drive forward using wheels. It will pick things up using a claw)

EXTENSION: Find a project or product that exists in real life, answer the questions above for that project.


What did you learn today?

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