7 ART/Tech step up

Learning Intention

Learn what requirements are

To learn what an algorithm is

To solve puzzle games and write the algorithm used

Success Criteria

I can work out requirements

I can create an algorithm


Jumping Flee

Write down 3-5 things that this robot does.

Why? What could this robot be used for?


What is an algorithm? Watch the following video and come up with a definition


Play the following coding games. They start simple, but quickly become more challenging. While we want you to enjoy the class, what we really want is for you to practice writing your own algorithms! So as you solve each puzzle, write down the algorithm (the step-by-step instructions of what your character did to solve the puzzle).


BBC Micobit

In Robotics you will be programming a physical device, get some practice by clicking on the link below and make a program that repeats [sad face>smiley face]



What did you learn today about requirements, algorithms and programming?

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