Learning Intention Understand how ultrasonic can detect distance Understand how a branching statement (if statement) works Success Criteria Read the distance value from an ultrasonic sensor Complete the if/else statement to make a LED turn off  and on Create a function to make a LED blink when ultrasonic detects a close object Warm Up How […]

Dancing Robots

Learning Intention To program a robot to dance To modify programs and create functions Success Criteria I can create and call a function Review Functions Elaborate Re-exam the dancing robot sheet. Explore Copy the code below and upload to an Arduino create a function to stop and turn left or right. When the program is […]

Programming Rules

Learning Intention To understand some basic rules about programming Reinforcing understanding of functions Success Criteria I can apply programming rules to fix errors I can create and call a function Review Marked your GPA task. Good but need work on the following. Functions: Your can’t call a function if it doesn’t exit (not defined). 360(1000) […]

Blink Function

Flashing Light & Functions

Learning Intention To understand when and why we use functions To understand how to use a function in a simple program Success Criteria I can modify an existing function I can expand an existing function Warm Up What is a function? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWQfa4CHbw Today we are aiming to complete this Blinking light function https://www.tinkercad.com/things/b6vldln5r7t Blink Functions […]

Arduino and H-Bridge

Arduino For and While Loops

Learning Intention To understand how FOR loops work in real program To understand how WHILE loops work in an Arduino program Success Criteria Create a simple Arduino circuit I can use for loops and while loops in an Arduino program Warm Up Name the components (parts) and explain what they do. Introduction (i < 4) […]

Control Statements

Learning Intention To understand how FOR loops work To understand how WHILE loops work To understand how IF/ELSE statements work Success Criteria I can correctly identify each control statement I can modify each control statement in the correct manner Warm Up Revise what each control statement is: What is a FOR loop? Give an example […]

11 Variables

Learning Intention To understand the purpose variables in computer programming To learn when to use the correct type of variable in a program Success Criteria Create and use different types of variables in a program Warm Up What is a variable? In a computer program how would you store someone’s name? Algorithm Assignment Glossary Variable […]

8 For Loops

LEARNING INTENTION To understand what a for loop is To understand when we would use a for loop SUCCESS CRITERIA I can explain what a for loop is I can use for loops properly TUNE-IN INTRODUCTION  For loops are what we use when we already know how many times we want a loop to run. […]

1 Introduction

Learning Intention Learn the expectations of the subject Develop a set of e-safety rules Understand basic robot components Success Criteria I can develop a set of rules for safe behaviour in the robotics lab Explain something I learnt about robots and this subject I can identify electronic components of a robot Engage Watch Collaboration What […]

2 Computer Systems

Learning Intention Understand the basic operation of a computer Learn about the Arduino microprocessor Success Criteria To correctly download a program onto an Arduino To modify a program to change the output To define core concepts of computing Glossary Computer Microprocessor Input Output Storage Process LED Engage Collaboration After watching video student groups develop a […]

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