1 Introduction

Learning Intention Learn the expectations of the subject Develop a set of e-safety rules Understand basic robot components Success Criteria I can develop a set of rules for safe behaviour in the robotics lab Explain something I learnt about robots and this subject I can identify electronic components of a robot Engage Watch Collaboration What […]

2 Computer Systems

Learning Intention Understand the basic operation of a computer Learn about the Arduino microprocessor Success Criteria To correctly download a program onto an Arduino To modify a program to change the output To define core concepts of computing Glossary Computer Microprocessor Input Output Storage Process LED Engage Collaboration After watching video student groups develop a […]

3 DC Motors

Learning Intention To explore key components parts of a DC motor   How do motors rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise?   Success Criteria I understand how a basic DC motor works I can work out how a wheel rotates clockwise and counter clockwise using a battery and a motor    I can explain the relationship between voltage and rotation Engage Watch […]


4 Requirements

Learning Intention To determine the requirements of a solution To explore the constraints and considerations of a solution Success Criteria I can document the functional requiremens for an obstacle avoiding robot I can document the constraints of a 2 wheel obstacle avoiding robot I can consider environment and sustainability issues Review Warm Up. Only play […]


5 H-Bridge

Learning Intention Understand how a H-Bridge works Learn how to make a robot motor rotate foward and backward using a H-Bridge Success Criteria Draw a simple diagram of a H-Bridge I can demonstrate how the polartiy of a motor can change using a H-Bridge Work out the logic to make a motor stop, rotate  foward […]

6 Turning Table

Learning Intention To work out how a robot could reform different actions To record different actions in a logic table Success Criteria I know what motors to turn off or on to perform different actions I can precisely record my findings in a logic table I understand the link between the logic table and my […]

7 Project Preparation

Learning Intention Overview of functional requirements assignments Success Criteria To complete and submit function requirements assignment Warm Up. Who has used Office 365? What is Office 365 like? Elaborate Log on to Office 365 teams. Username: schoolUserName@mountridleycollege.vic.edu.au Password: your school password.   Complete Functional Requirements Assignment. Finished Start building a robot. Attached motors to the […]


In MRC robotics before we start building the robots we need to learn how to program them! With your MRC partner go onto the following website and together you can start learning how to program yourself! https://studio.code.org/s/express-2018/stage/14/puzzle/1 Keep playing the games until it’s time to program out robots. Now we are going to learn how […]

2 Wheel Robot

3 Make it Move

Learning Intention To attach motors and a pivot to a chassis To explore how to make robots move Success Criteria I can attach motors and a pivot to a chassis  I can identify different turns and movements using a turning table  Warm Up This is basically the robot we are building. Can you explain how […]

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