Learning Intention Understand how ultrasonic can detect distance Understand how a branching statement (if statement) works Success Criteria Read the distance value from an ultrasonic sensor Complete the if/else statement to make a LED turn off  and on Create a function to make a LED blink when ultrasonic detects a close object Warm Up How […]

Dancing Robots

Learning Intention To program a robot to dance To modify programs and create functions Success Criteria I can create and call a function Review Functions Elaborate Re-exam the dancing robot sheet. Explore Copy the code below and upload to an Arduino create a function to stop and turn left or right. When the program is […]

Programming Rules

Learning Intention To understand some basic rules about programming Reinforcing understanding of functions Success Criteria I can apply programming rules to fix errors I can create and call a function Review Marked your GPA task. Good but need work on the following. Functions: Your can’t call a function if it doesn’t exit (not defined). 360(1000) […]

Blink Function

Flashing Light & Functions

Learning Intention To understand when and why we use functions To understand how to use a function in a simple program Success Criteria I can modify an existing function I can expand an existing function Warm Up What is a function? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWQfa4CHbw Today we are aiming to complete this Blinking light function https://www.tinkercad.com/things/b6vldln5r7t Blink Functions […]


This is the final learning task for 7 robotics. You will be required to compete the following tasks: Upload and modify an Arduino program to control a robot. Then copy and paste this into a word document. Make you sure save this document onto your network drive. Create a custom function for your robot. Again, […]


Learning Intention To learn how to program the robots To learn how to create my own function Success Criteria I have successfully uploaded the program onto my robot I have successfully created my own function Review What are the parts of the robots? (word cloud on board, students to complete) Explore What is a variable? […]

Testing the code

Learning Intention To test Arduino program on working robots Success Criteria I have successfully uploaded and tested program on a robot Review Functions and variable Explore 1 Open and check wiring diagram. 2 Copy the code below into Arduino //Motor A int motorAspeed = 10; // MCU PWM Pin 10 to ENA int motorAforward = […]

Programming and testing the code

Learning Intention Program your Robot Modify a program Trouble Shoot if required Success Criteria Correctly upload an Arduino program to your robot Modify your program to create a function to stop your robot Follow and complete a trouble shooting table to fix any issues Warm Up What are functions? Introduction What are variables? Explore  Follow […]


Learning Intention Follow a wiring diagram precisely Upload Arduino test code to out robot Learn how to detect problems Success Criteria Correctly wire the robot and get voltage to H-Bridge Correctly upload Arduino code to our robot and get wheel to rotate in correct manner If unsuccessful check wiring and program and fix any issues […]

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