Programming Rules

Learning Intention To understand some basic rules about programming Reinforcing understanding of functions Success Criteria I can apply programming rules to fix errors I can create and call a function Review Marked your GPA task. Good but need work on the following. Functions: Your can’t call a function if it doesn’t exit (not defined). 360(1000) […]


Learning Intention To learn how to program the robots To learn how to create my own function Success Criteria I have successfully uploaded the program onto my robot I have successfully created my own function Review What are the parts of the robots? (word cloud on board, students to complete) Explore What is a variable? […]


LI: How to complete a technical project using pre-built model pictures as a problem-solving tool SC: I can build a robot using only picture as a guide while utilising my problem-solving skills Today you will be building the latest generation of the 7 robotics robots. I have built the first stage of the robot, you […]

GPA task TERM 4 2019

LEARNING INTENTION: To identify and explore emerging technologies SUCCESS CRITERIA: I can explain and document 3 emerging technologies FOCUS: Watch the following video on future technologies   For this GPA task I want you to research 3 emerging (brand new) or evolving (existing but changing/improving) technologies that you think will be important in the future. […]

Blink Function

Flashing Light & Functions

Learning Intention To understand when and why we use functions To understand how to use a function in a simple program Success Criteria I can modify an existing function I can expand an existing function Warm Up What is a function? Today we are aiming to complete this Blinking light function Blink Functions […]

Arduino revision

Learning Intention Revise the operation of the Arduino Success Criteria I can program an Arduino Warm Up Watch the video and think of your own invention that could use an Arduino     Engage Copy and paste the following into the Arduino program

Robot Wiring Diagram

Learning intention: To understand how the Arduino and motors are connected to the H-bridge. Success Criteria: I can wire the robot using the wiring diagram Use the picture below as a guide on how to wire your robot. The wire colors do not matter they are different colours simply to help us trace which wire goes […]

Arduino and H-Bridge

Arduino For and While Loops

Learning Intention To understand how FOR loops work in real program To understand how WHILE loops work in an Arduino program Success Criteria Create a simple Arduino circuit I can use for loops and while loops in an Arduino program Warm Up Name the components (parts) and explain what they do. Introduction (i < 4) […]

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